The two innovative spanning plate options allow different fracture patterns and the varying surgical preferences of surgeons to be easily addressed. The straight plate is designed for placement over the second metacarpal while the anatomically curved plates are optimized for placement over the third metacarpal. This novel design of the ingeniously curved plate helps to facilitate plate positioning and may reduce the entrapment of the extensor pollicis longus tendon due to the coronal bend1. The chamfered and narrowed plate ends facilitate the insertion during surgery. All plates feature a 12° dorsal bend for a neutral hand position, additional screw holes for direct buttressing of the scaphoid or lunate facet and our multidirectional and angular stable TriLock® locking technology.

The APTUS Wrist spanning plates are expressly designed to provide a new standard of care in distal radius fracture treatments requiring internal distraction plating.


Low profile plate designs especially in the distal part of the plate for soft tissue protection
Oblong holes for minor plate adjustments
Consistent screw diameter of 2.5 mm for intraoperative simplicity
TriLock – multidirectional angular stability of ± 15° in all directions and in each screw hole*
K-wire holes to assist with temporary plate fixation
Rounded edges and a smooth surface for soft tissue protection
Plates are compatible with the screws and instruments of the APTUS Wrist Radius System 2.5
* Exception: oblong holes


Purple: APTUS 2.5

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